Ensuring both the safety of our staff and customers is of vital importance to us.

Our Summertime Bingham Event 2020 has carried out a full risk assessment in compliance with the guidance on managing the risk of coronavirusWe will adopt and adhere to all current and new government guidelines on how to stay COVID-19 secure in 2020.

Test & Trace Information

In compliance with the UK Test & Trace System, we request that you fill out correct and valid contact details on the booking form. The booking name will act as the 'lead' contact for use of the UK Test & Trace System. We also ask that you provide the full names of all guests of your party - we will then ask for contact numbers of each guest upon arrival. The data that we are asking to collect from you is personal data and we will handle this data in accordance with GDPR to protect the privacy of you, our staff and others. We will hold these records for 21 days, reflecting the incubation period for COVID-19.

Social Distancing and Maintaining Hygiene At Our Event

  • We advise all guests of separate households to stay 1M + apart and wear face coverings/masks

  • Our one-way system ensures that social distancing is in place. Sanitising stations can be found at the entrance and exit of our event

  • All our pods are thoroughly sanitised and cleaned after every session

  • Each pod is partitioned away from other pods 

  • Both heated pools are thoroughly sanitised and cleaned after every session

  • All glasses and/or other dining and drinking materials are thoroughly washed and cleaned after every session

  • All staff are provided with the necessary PPE to ensure their safety and the safety of others

For more information on the current government guidelines, please visit

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